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I'm an experienced marketing leader and strategist. I'm an expert in digital marketing, branding, UX/UI, creative ideas and unified marketing deployment.


Nelson Jim

Marketing leader and strategist

I was mentored inside agencies learning branding, digital marketing, social media and revolutionizing the consumer life cycle. I created brands for small and large companies as well as campaigns for Nike, Adidas, MLB, NFL, NBA and TaylorMade. I became a leader inside Fortune 500 companies leading multidisciplinary teams while launching award winning campaigns, lead nurturing/scoring programs plus content marketing platforms. You name it. I’ve done it. As a result, I have a unique ability to thrive under pressure and navigate complex challenges to achieve results.


"Nelson is a highly motivated and creative marketing professional who holistically executes a brand across all marketing channels."

Claudia Provencio - Creative Director, University of Phoenix

"As Creative Director, Nelson has not only helped build the strongest creative team Desert Schools has ever seen, but has also been a huge role model"

Joshua Reach - Senior Designer, Desert Schools


work experience

2013 - Current

Creative Director

from 2013 to present day

Desert Schools Federal Credit Union

As Creative Director of Arizona’s largest credit union with over 3 billion in assets I am responsible for the management of the creative team. In my role I provide creative and marketing direction including: brand identity and product positioning, art direction, creative direction, copy writing, strategic planning, media planning, plus vendor management. My role extends to creating and overseeing photography, copy, campaign creative in various media creative for outdoor, digital campaigns, TV, print, and radio.

Since joining Desert Schools I have implemented and evolved the current digital marketing and shown continual improvements in SEM/SEO, PPC, Social Media demonstrated by increased ROI and key performance indicators. I’ve lead the implementation of Oracle’s Eloqua to build our digital ecosystem including lead nurturing, lead scoring, email programs and landing pages. This year I look forward to launching key initiatives in partnership with C Level Executives and cross functional teams such as a brand refresh, new website utilizing Sitecore, new online banking UI/UX design and a new mobile app.

  • Multichannel marketing campaigns
  • Creative direction, designs and copy development
  • SEM, SEO, PPC, Social Media
  • Inbound marketing: Content marketing and distribution
  • UX, UI, Mobile app design
  • Marketing automation (Eloqua): Email, Lead generation, nurturing and scoring
  • Web design and development: HTML, CSS, CMS, Sitecore,


Digital Marketing Manager

from 2012 to 2013


Developed digital products, mobile/tablet apps and responsive experiences including go-to-market strategy, planning, personas, implementation, training and support to drive measurable ROI. Acting as strategist and part hands-on tactician, I lead strategy development and implementation of marketing strategies, brand strategies, product development and content marketing strategies while interfacing with multiple departments, stakeholders, clients and vendors.

Responsible for overseeing the full spectrum of digital marketing including consultation, online advertising, lifecycle marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, website strategy and design/development, social media and analytics. Worked with notable national partners including, Travelers, The Hartford, Nationwide, AmFam and Farmers.

  • Product development: marketing and management/development
  • Multichannel marketing campaigns
  • Creative direction: design and copy development
  • Content marketing strategy (B2B and B2C)
  • Social media optimization and development
  • Email marketing: Lead generation, lead nurturing
  • Marketing automation program development (Silverpop)
  • Web design and development: HTML, CSS, Responsive Design, CMS (Sitecore)


Global Marketing Manager

from 2011 to 2012

eInstruction Corp.

Spearheaded a global marketing strategy for multi-channel B2B and B2C sales resulting in increased revenue from $113 million to $180 million and growing market share by 21%.

Developed branding, key messaging and go-to-market strategy for new product launches utilizing multichannel marketing campaigns with audience segmentation and customer profiling. Launched mobile/tablet apps and responsive experiences, eCommerce, Cloud services and SAAS products in conjunction with corporate leadership, sales, product development, UI/UX and project management.

Deployed lead generation, nurturing and scoring programs, unified Salesforce and Eloqua processes maximizing sales efficiency. Analyzed key performance indicators, profit and loss for products and marketing channels. Measured ROI and web analytics to improve customer experience and maximize conversion and fill gaps where necessary.

Lead a multi-disciplinary marketing team of copywriters, designers, developers and operations. Provided creative direction and strategy for all marketing and sales activities including print, digital advertising, websites, emails and social media.

  • Product development: marketing and management/development
  • Multichannel marketing (Web, Social Media, Print, Tradeshows, Affiliate)
  • Branding/Identity and creative direction
  • Web design and development: HTML, CSS, CMS, Drupal, eCommerce
  • Web analytics, SEM, SEO, PPC
  • Marketing automation program development (Eloqua)

2008 - 2011

Senior Art Director – Web Marketing

from 2008 to 2011

University of Phoenix

Managed digital marketing activities for, a top 500 website, resulting in improved brand recognition, 35% increase in conversion rates, increasing online revenue 10% and 55% year-over-year growth in enrollments. As an integral part of marketing successfully launched global campaigns such as I Am a Phoenix and an Educated World is a Better World utilizing a 2.2 million dollar online budget.

Provided strategic and creative leadership for the web marketing team. Deployed targeted multichannel marketing campaigns to generate and nurture leads, cross/up sell programs and remarketing programs. Developed online marketing programs utilizing content marketing, SEO strategy, managed a $20 million dollar PPC budget developing complex product/degree campaigns and emerging opportunities. Developed high conversion landing pages, affiliate programs, blog partnerships, digital product development and eCommerce platforms.

  • Multichannel marketing campaigns
  • Creative direction, designs and copy development
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Email marketing: Lead generation, lead nurturing, cross/up selling
  • Marketing automation program development (StrongMail)
  • Web design and development: HTML, CSS, CMS, Adobe CQ, eCommerce

Education experience

2004 - 2005

Visual Communications

from 2004 to 2005

Al Collins School of Design

Visual communications program focused on the transmission of information to key audiences via visual media, including visual art, television broadcasts, billboards, videos/films, animation and new media such as website design, slideshow presentations, online advertisements, uploaded videos, designs created using software such as Illustrator or Dreamweaver and more.


Graphic Design

from 1997 to 2001

New Mexico State University

Graphic Design multidisciplinary program to gain a solid understanding of the elements of design and develop creative visualization, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. Developed ability to conceptualize and communicate multiple design solutions for a wide variety of media and for multiple audiences.

"His experience and creativity allowed us to take something good and make it great. Nelson has the strength you need in a leader and the unrestricted talent you want in a creative."

Christian Richardson - Marketing Manager, Content Creative at Insight

what i can provide


Marketing goes beyond emails, landing pages and content marketing. I specialize in ideas that reinvent.


Consumer needs drive marketing, strategies succeed through a balance of strategic thinking and creative ideas.


Successful communication is about saying the right thing, in the right way, in the right place and moment.

Building Teams

I build high performing teams leading by example because it’s important that leaders get their hands dirty.

"It’s rare to find the combination of creativity, strategic thinking, and natural leadership ability in a single mind, but Nelson embodies all of those to an exceptional level."

Chris Crowe - Digital Marketing Producer, DSFCU

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